• "Gamal Turawa came to speak at a Touchstone Leadership Masterclass in 2017 and literally brought the house down. He was absolutely fantastic; authentic and funny when sharing his life story and leadership journey. I would recommend Gamal as a speaker and contributor to any event you may be holding and we will certainly be using him at Touchstone again in the future.”
    Alison Lowe
    Chief Executive, Touchstone, Leeds
  • “I have known G now for almost 10 years. His passion for Humanity never wavers. He certainly taught me not only to listen but to hear what he has to say. He is a skilled, veteran trainer who makes the student think about themselves and the world around them. To understand their position in life and appreciate people for what they are. If you want your thinking challenged then have a conversation with G!”
    Ramzan Mohayuddin
    Superintendent Scottish Police College
  • “I was lucky enough to attend one of G’s courses. It was the best course I have ever attended. G’s story is unique and awe inspiring. His delivery is exciting, emotional, inspiring and intelligent. He uses humour and an abundance of enthusiasm to inspire and at the same time get them to evaluate their own attitudes and beliefs in a positive way. G brings out the best in every body he meets and leaves a positive impact on them. A truly amazing man.”
    Simon Gough
    Learning and Development Professional
  • “I met Gamal some years ago on a training course that he was delivering whilst with the National Polcing Improvement Agency. It took only a short while for me to realise that here was a unique individual. Most significantly, I was struck by his depth of knowledge, caring and passion about people. Gamal is a truly inspirational person with a powerful story. He is testament to to the fact that you can be the master of your own destiny. Hel has managed to take that to a new level through his ability to touch lives in positive and lasting ways. I have no hesitation in recommending him!”
    Kul Mahay
    The Immersion Coach
  • “What can I say... G is the most exceptionally talented, inspirational facilitator and profound speaker that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His passion, dedication and genuine commitment to the continuous development of senior leaders lucky enough to experience 'the healing of G' is second to none. G challenges and transforms attitudes and behaviours resulting in evident positive differences to ingrained mindsets and cultures and thus contributes to enhancing community confidence and satisfaction. I whole heartedly recommend G.”
    Sarah Gosiewska
    Transforming Businesses Through People
  • “What can I say , G is my inspiration. The day I turned up for a positive leadership input at Bramshill police college I expected the same old leadership input straight from a text book. Little did I know that my time with G was going to change my total outlook on life. G personifies bravery in the face of real controversy, both on a professional and personal level. My time with G allowed me to reflect and develop my current brand of which I am extremely proud. Thank you Big man!!”
    Floyd Higginson
    Detective Inspector, Hampshire Police (Retired)
  • “G is a larger than life character in all senses. He facilitates 'history' with respect, compassion and great humour. He makes diversity live in others lives, as it does in his. He is a living example of the triumphing of the human spirit in adversity. He brings joy, knowledge and the very richest experiential journey to his workshops. Once experienced G is very rarely, if ever forgotten; and he leaves an enduring and empowering impression. So if you really want to embrace change around diversity, here is the man to help you…”
    Richard McKenny
    Director at Equa-Ed
  • “Gamal is an extremely erudite and engaging speaker. He encourages thoughtful dialogue with others and can confront difficult subjects with constructive and progressively-thinking directions. Many attendees who have been present during Gamal's sessions have found they are looking at both their challenges and themselves from new and enlightening angles giving a wealth of fresh and untested options for new and efficient momentum. Gamal facilitates with an almost supernatural ease, raising your self-awareness without preaching, pressing or judging. Time spent with Gamal is a priceless investment for your own development on every level.”
    Mat Fox
    Police Constable Trainer, Metropolitan Police
  • “I have known G since 2008 when we worked as part of the Leadership Development Team at the wonderful Bramshill, home of the NPIA/ National College of Police Leadership as it was known at this time. Since then, I have shared classroom space and students with him, have sat as a delegate during his sessions, trained alongside him as our skills were being enhanced and valued time in his company as a friend. I have witnessed the impact of his personality, training style and delivery on both a personal and professional basis when I have received positive delegate feedback following a session delivered by G. He is an inspirational figure, a master in the classroom with the rare ability of being able to connect with people. I have no doubt that this attribute of connectivity is due to G being a genuinely authentic human being. This allows for not only the transfer of powerful knowledge and understanding inside a teaching environment but outside of that an interaction with G, in whatever context, is an enriching experience which is why I have no hesitation in this endorsement of him.”
    Adrian Kingswell
    Project Officer at SCJS
  • "I am pleased  to write these few lines about Mr Abdul G Turawa  a retired Police officer from the Trident department at New Scotland Yard. I have known him for more than two years now. Our charity Buganda Heritage Association UK&IR started a project raising awareness to knife gun crime in our youth, we approached New Scotland Yard and they assigned Mr G as used to be known to help us as a representative of police in our seminars. Right from the start G was very influential and he made a great impression to our community which encouraged parents and youth to attend more seminars to hear his presentations and learn from his experience. He's very good at motivating youth and a great team leader. Personally I developed a brotherhood relationship with G and I admire him a lot because Every time I talk to him I learn something new, he's a great adviser and a listener. He's very knowledgeable in different areas because of his past experience he's a man who tasted high life and an imaginable low life and because of challenges he went through from young age in my view he can handle any situation."
    Bosco Nyombi
    Chairman Buganda Heritage Association UK&IRE