Gamal Turawa (AKA 'G')

About Us

Purple Frog Training Limited was set up in 2011 by founder Gamal Turawa (or G as he prefers to be called) a retired police officer from the UK’s Metropolitan Police Service one of the world’s leading police departments.

During his service he delivered diversity training across the country and was among the first BAME diversity facilitators in the UK Police covering subjects such as Cross cultural communications, Values, Power structures, Organisational culture and Prejudice paradigms.

He went on to deliver the highly acclaimed Positive Action Leadership programme (PALP) nation-ally working for the then called National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) based at Bramshill in Hampshire. From there he delivered inputs across Europe and also on behalf of the European Fundamental Rights Agency and the Central European Police College

He ended his police career in New Scotland Yard working with the widely recognised Trident Gang Command working on building collaborative networks between the police and minority communities sometimes in very challenging and intense circumstances.

He left the police with an exemplary record of service having received medals and commendations for his bravery, professionalism and dedication to duty.

Gamal is highly skilled transformational story teller and a deeply affective change agent. He has a diploma from the Institute for the Development of Human Potential (IDHP) and completed all elements of the Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation (FIRO) as well as the Police Diversity trainers programme.

He has been been recognised for his work with:

  • Nestle
  • NHS Berkshire
  • The Bugandan Heritage Society
  • The RAF
  • Stonewall
  • The Gambling Commission
  • The Probation Service
  • Police departments (nationally & internationally)
  • Staff Support groups (Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation, Trans etc)
  • Somali TV


On a personal level G has faced and overcome many personal challenges such as child abuse, homelessness, a product of the care system, mental health issues. He was the first Black Gay police officer to come out in the UK. He shares his story openly and many times it has been called inspirational and motivational

He has been interviewed on the BBC and in other international media and was most recently interviewed by Josh Rivers for the Busy Being Black podcast.

G has led groups across Europe and has contributed to publications in several European forums. He is able to engage with communities and groups across a wide spectrum including race, gender, Trans, Romany and all roles and levels from Entry to Executive.

He encourages individuals to value their stories enabling them to move forward with a cleaner more positive and authentic focus on progression and development. He gently challenges projections and perceptions with sensitivity, insight or appropriate humour that leaving the person feeling valued , whole and more self aware.

What he brings to the work is a passion and authenticity along with the ability to deliver thought provoking and challenging sessions in a way that is respectful, inspiring and rarely forgotten.

G is a committed believer in the power of stories to open us up to seeing the world from a wider perspective thus transforming the way we engage. HIs aim is to leave groups with a greater sense of themselves and the power they have to positively influence the world around them.

The technique is based fully in the present moment utilising a combination of accelerated and experiential learning techniques with a dash of academic research or models.

Its all about the ‘here and now’ and what difference the individual can make in this moment to propel themselves forward. This creates within each group a sense of owned uniqueness that is intimate, empowering and personal.

If you are looking for that something to connect on a deeper level by utilising a wide breadth of experience leaving delegates with a feeling that resonates long after the event is over then this is the company you are are looking for.