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December 25, 2018
Just Being Me Gamal Turawa
January 18, 2019

Diversity Needs A Rethink Before Its Too Late.. Gamal Turawa

Diversity Needs A Rethink Before Its Too Late.. Gamal Turawa

We've empowered difference at the expense of inclusion and created powerful egos that we’re afraid to be truthful with so conversations become superficial. In some instances we've sadly created empowered victims rather than progressive leaders.

Conversations tend to focus in single issue silos rather than as a collective hubs. In the quest to value single issues we have lost the ability to value our collective identity We've sanitised language to the extent that we’ve created silent fears, disparaging looks and whispers in darkened corridors.

We're empowering the minority in the belief that it will change the majority, and by doing so have created anger and resentment.

We are striving to understand the other but we are yet to begin to truly understand ourselves and have created a kind of blindness.

These are not the conditions to aid development and growth. In my view it's time for a radical rethink on the delivery of the 'diversity' agenda. It’s lost it’s humanity and has become more of an industry rather than a game changer. We hide behind policies and strategies and have forgotten it should be about how people are valued and having their contributions acknowledged.

Please hear this, I don't want you to understand me, so stop trying. I don't even understand me and that's the point!! That thinking only leads to further frustration because just when you think you've got it sussed the game changes, thats its nature. We are not single identity beings, our identities are contextual.

My journey, like yours, is unique and multi-faceted. It’s open to much internal speculation and unchecked/unconscious biased interpretations.

It’s about personal awareness, appreciation of difference and what it brings rather than how it hinders. I strongly believe we first have to individually acknowledge, on a deeper level, that we don't know that we don’t know.

We have to accept that we are all unaware, we all have blindspots and by embracing that mindset we will become less judgmental and less opinionated. We will be more open and more valuing. There is more than one way to see the world.

We will develop a foundation that we can all build upon, a way forward that embraces rather than divides. That empowers rather than angers. That will then foster progression rather than a painfully slow crawl to inclusion. So let us first learn to embrace our personal ignorance in order to find our collective wisdom. Acknowledge our lies to discover our multi layered truths. Admit our faults to build up our strengths. Challenge our blindness to find our vision.

Let's build a foundation that embraces the fluidity of awareness and grows with us rather than against us. We are all multi faceted, thats the real diversity. The diversity of self is filled with untaped richness lets embrace that rather than just look at only one characteristic.

Let’s get real, is that challenging, it’s that painful? Hell yes!!

When facing ourselves the path can be full of anger, blame, defensiveness, shame, guilt and sometimes tears and we shouldn't be afraid of that. It takes courage and we’ll need qualified support and guidance.

Short term fixes that are repeated over and over again don't work, no matter how many times its called something different. It takes time, it took years to get to where we are so it won't take days, weeks or months to change such deeply embedded roots. This I can promise you, ultimately it is worth it. The path will lead to incredible revelations and life changing insights. The peace it brings is incredible. It becomes the gift that goes on giving.

To get to the diamonds you have to first get dirty and dig the mine!! It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being awake. Let's talk... We can do this!!