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August 13, 2018
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January 15, 2019

Police chiefs now accept more should have been achieved in the 19 years since Macpherson. (1974)

Clipping from the Evening News circa 1974)

Police chiefs now accept more should have been achieved in the 19 years since Macpherson. 'It’s nowhere near good enough': broken promises on police diversity (headline from the Guardian newspaper 5 Dec 2018)

In my view one of main reasons for the lack of progress is that the the burden of change is put upon the recruitment and retention of BAME personnel and very little if any is being done to educate, motivate or support the majority without whom progress will be negligent.

If you have an organisation where the majority group is above 80%, they dominate the culture and define the informal norms. So without their buy-in there will be little or slow change.

There are still many who have no understanding of the term Institutional Racism (or discrimination) and there are new generations who have no appreciation of what the Lawrence Report addressed and recommended. So putting clean fish into a dirty pond (especially in such small numbers) does not improve the pond, it contaminates the fish.

There needs to be a major culture change process. Why must the onus for change be on BAME numbers? Organisationally we are not the ones holding ourselves back, we are not the ones that need educating and support. We are on the receiving end of those decisions, behaviours and unconscious biases. However our numbers are expected to be a solution to a problem that we have no control over.

We want to help, we want to be successful but we can't do it without the organisation doing its part to address the culture in a robust and more importantly, inclusive way. We have to be united on this at all levels.

For over 40 years the Police have tried various methods of recruiting, supporting and retaining from within our minority communities and none have had any long term success.